We are Builders of Green World

Azizu Recycling & E-Waste Company holds a complete support line for collecting scrap, transportation, storage and recycling. The only motto is “TO PROMOTE A GREEN BANGLADESH AS WELL AS A GREEN WORLD.” In the year 2013, Azizu Recycling and E-Waste Company Ltd was established for the sole purpose of E-waste management and recycling.

Azizu Recycling and E-Waste Company Ltd is in operation with well-facilitated electronic waste (E-waste) recycling facility. The factory is located over a spacious area with excellent communication facility in an industrial area near Dhaka. The promoters of the factory come from a respectable, educated family having good education and business acumen themselves. The promoters have over 15 years of experience in E-waste recycling through their strong relationship with “TES-AMM”, a Singapore based world renowned E-waste recycler. The management and organizational structure of the company is professionally managed.

The factory has its own electrical substation, gas generators, deep-water pump, water reservoir, water treatment plant, latest machinery and expert workforce to ensure environmentally safe, optimum waste recycling. There are five separate units for E-waste recycling; viz, PCB recycling unit, cable wires recycling unit, copper electrolysis unit, precious metal recycling unit and laboratory unit. All the units are now almost fully equipped with state of the art environment friendly machines. There is a requirement of Plastic Recycling Machine, to make the Company fully equipped for complete E-waste recycling solutions.